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contoh cerita mite bahasa inggris

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At one time, there was a garden that is beautifully peaceful "Garden of Heaven Loka". The dwelling place of a man ca lled "Sunan Mother" who is waiting for the presence of "Dewi Sri Pohaci Long Kancana". Dewi Sri reports that somewhere on earth is named "Middle Panca Buana" not there "Cihaya" something needs of mankind. Hearing this, she ordered that Sunan Dewi Sri Panca Buana went to Central.
Dewi Sri is not objected to leaving for the Middle Panca Buana provided that his departure was accompanied by "Grandmother King Guruminda". Dewi Sri request was granted by the Sunan Ibu.Sebelum left the Heaven Loka, Grandmother King pleaded Guruminda sitting meditation instructions Dewanata Hiang. After completion of meditation and guidance, with the only miracle in an instant, a form of Goddess Sri transformed into an egg.
After all the preparation is complete, then departed Grandmother Guruminda mengiring Dewi Sri Panca Buana with the aim of the State Central. Dewi Sri is tangible as the eggs, deposited in a box called "Cupu Gilang Gold." King Guruminda after a long fly to every corner of the north-south-west-east that eventually at some point Cupu Kencana Gilang open and "egg" in it too terjatuhlah.
Has become the will of the almighty, the egg is dropped in a place where the place was inhabited by "Dewa Anta". Anta god knows where bersemayamnya no egg, the egg that it was maintained. After some time, the eggs hatch and so was born a daughter who is very beautiful no other is Dewi Sri.
In his maturity with a very pretty face, then spread word throughout the country and the beauty of the princess, and berdatanganlah royal kings would ask for her hand in order to become the princess consort.
Dewi Sri obtain from the king's proposal, but Dewi Sri is not fun because when he received the proposal means he has to deny the task imposed on him. To every king should have explained that the purpose of his birth is not simply going to find a husband, but to carry out the duties of Sunan Mother in Heaven Loka Park which is to confer "CIHAYA" to the state title Central Panca Buana.
However, although the explanation has been submitted, the proposal constantly coming and therefore ultimately Dewi Sri was suffering from psychological stress and illness. Over time, pain in the suffering Dewi Sri is getting worse and there came a time the Princess convey the message of last resort "When it was time I die, and when later I was buried, there will be some anomalies in pusaraku". And finally to the will of the Almighty, Sri Dewi died.
It is true what is mandated by the princess finally becomes a reality. It is said that one day, there are grandparents who are looking for firewood and just looking for food for his lunch alone.
One time my grandfather and grandmother have a tomb that had been overgrown by vegetation that has not been met and seen so far. At the head of the palm trees grow, in the hands of growing fruit trees, at the foot of the tree to grow sweet potatoes, while in the body to grow palm trees (palm = sugar) and a plant that is very strange and has never been found grandparents , and this was the first to see it. Is a series of good berdaunan fruiting plants are still green hairy nice too.

Then came the intention of grandparents to maintain these strange plants and cleaned the cemetery and around the plant. Thus from day to day week to week with patience and persistence of the plant was maintained. Do not feel time went on until about 5 months; the green fruit had been packed, so it's a bunch of fruit that bent under the weight. With patience and confidence in any case want to know to what extent and what it's actually a strange plant. After a few months old to 6 ditengoknya before returning the plant and fruit items were changed to yellow and seemed very beautiful.
After the two pensive hence the intention to pick it. Before the fruit was picked first tasted it and it turns white and sweet. Grandparents and their setting fire to burn incense incense to ask permission to "Hiang Widi". Incense burning ceremony is complete, ditebaslah plant in question and was surprised the grandparents because the stalks are cut before issuing a clear liquid and sweet, but for the grandparents would not be a regret because she realized that this event has become the will to power.
But then his intention to plant it arises again, and beads of the fruit had been planted around the tomb of Dewi Sri back. The magic was there again due to the instantaneous grains were also grown and has been fruitful as well yellow. Grandparents directly and immediately slash ditaburkannya also the yellow grains were thus kept the incident was repeated so that the bond terkumpullah yellow fruit items aplenty.
Over this incident grandparents become confused by it, obtain the results are very abundant in an instant. From the origin of the fruit bunch. After all what they have not figured out what fruit and what was the first name had not been there. Thus, because the grandparents in the confusion had not even got a decision to give her name. So all of a sudden the grandmother suggested that because the grandparents are always there can not be confused and difficult decision to choose, which in Sundanese called "paparelean", then it is called the fruit as "Pare" (rice). So is the end of this story. Until now referred to as the Sunda tatar Nagara Buana Middle Panca, until now the plant and its fruit is called a "PARE", which is ideal Dewi Sri Pohaci Kancana for completeness Long live the so-called "CIHAYA". Therefore people are always called Dewi Rice Goddess Sri.

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